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Went to the gold coast for a week and boy did i LOVE IT! i pretty much didnt wanna come home. Missed my family and friends but that was it. first day back and i was totally bored, so i slept all day. what a life!

Visited family friends over there and it was amazing :) I loved every second of it. Was truly a break from parents nagging though. I’m definitly thinking of going back there soonish :)  

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Still sick, but needed to get outta the house. why? cos it was soooo HOTT! so my brother decided to take the little ones to the lake to feed the ducks. so i tagged along. 

I bought a camera from my brother in law and i can tell you now, its wonderfully amazing:) The model is a Panasonic FZ20 and i think i found my new bf. Yayyy! :)

I took my camera to the lake today aaaaaand….. i dropped it in the water:( KIDDING! these are the shots i took today with the new cam cam, there are like a million more but yeah cbf :)

A good day at the lake was what i needed. xoxo

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Seriously loving this song <3

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Feels like summer when there&#8217;s a cold beverage involved.

Feels like summer when there’s a cold beverage involved.

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